Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Good Friday.

Sitting here protected. Warm. Safe.

Good Friday.

The sun rises, painting a tapestry across the wall.

Last night , long ago,  Jesus was arrested after praying in the garden and sweating blood. Last  night He will have been beaten and today hung on the cross. Just for me. Just for you. Enjoy the chocolate and the bunnies, but I pray you won’t miss the true meaning of Easter. It is a gift for us and it’s free. May His blessings surround you and yours. Happy Easter (jean nelsen)

Good Friday.

Thought to have a writing free day.

 But God. 

Too much swirling. Too much to say.

I know your scepticism. I hear your doubt. “Just another fantasy story”, “a myth”. “A nice but misguided man, that Jesus.” “A story written by men for men to control women.”  “Just a good teacher, he.” Once i wondered, as you do.

But God

Good Friday to You.


please, if you have a moment, keep reading because I have a confession to make…

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