Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Here’s What’s Upcoming~

Here are a few of the stories we’re working on~ in no particular order but all very relevant~ or are they?:

The Eyes Have It

Women Across Region Positioned For Debut; or Houston We Have LAUNCH.

The Mysterious Man In Charge 

Wait!Wait!Don’t Tell Me.

Praise The Savior Daily

Ask A Woman Who Knows

One Word~one word for which is not wide~UNITY

Hair! It Gets In the Way of Reading The Signs.

and finally the long awaited sequel to our first report    

Live Again, Believe Again, Love Again~ 

Freeing Our Bubble Wrapped Hearts


The Bachelorette(s) of The Bubble Wrapped Heart


Until then with tongue in cheek I leave you with this for your Monday laugh…Then get out there~Real Life Is Happening ~or is it?. 


And remember don’t take yourself so seriously~no one else does.

SunShineShandra~ BUT WAIT this just in~

alternate ending only the beginning or all systems go!