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Freeing Our Bubble Wrapped Hearts

Bubble Wrap – Virtual Bubblewrap

“You know when you must be doing the right thing if it hurts, for if it was easy who would do it.” tinab

This season of lessons has been amazing. We have chatted  about the meaning of  Life  , Heaven  Hell-,What happiness means and how to hold it…. Pleasing or Believing…. When it will be our turn and how will we recognize it. To know that others can benefit from any little thing  gleaned in the field of Grace makes showing up  worth it.

Through it all I may have mentioned  God Is Good All The Time.

Five + years ago  He whispered “You trust me with everything but your Heart” I knew it was true. Hurts and wounds have a way of lingering. “Phantoms”.  So  began the next season in the process of letting go. Here and there areas were healed. Eventually, down to the core.  Was it fun and easy~NO. That is one thing no one ever tells us. So let me say~be prepared…Awkward much?. Just saying.

Following Christ comes with a price.  But God. Genesis 50:20 – 

Think about it though~ doing anything comes with a cost. Not doing anything comes with a cost, too. Sometimes even greater.  Making that phone call~or not. Apologizing/Forgiving~or not. Running one more mile~or not. Eating just one-more-cookie~or not. Taking care of Self. We know the right choice.

(i’ll go one more so that I CAN have one more cookie! win-win)

Life has a way of blowing layers over us. After a time, no matter how gritty,  those layers seem to fit like a warm protective glove. Comfy. Cozy. Known. “safe”. Pressing in to God and His Promises for us breaks away the layers..the self protective  coating.

Still, sometimes holding tight to the last little bit even unknowingly Protecting the soft spot. Tis true~  potentially painful  to lay down Self.   But God.

Following Christ comes with a price.  But God.  Friends, did you notice that last line in protecting the soft spot (above)? Look again read slowly, grasp the truth of those words.

Learning the Truth, grasping the Truth,  Standing arm and arm with The Light.

Tis a process to be sure.

Do you hear TRUTH calling? The Creator thinks YOU are all that.. and so much more.

As do I. Until next time~Cheering for you!

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