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Hurry! Offer Ends At Midnight!

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Hurry! Offer Ends At Midnight!*Some restrictions May Apply*

I have never done the online dating thing~not above it, just not called to it….yet.

BUT I just discovered that online dating is having a FREE introductory match THIS weekend! The weekend is almost over though…so you see my dilemma. FREE is a very good word to the Queen of Free.

BUT… Did I mention it’s called a COMMUNICATION WEEKEND. ohhhh, those words. And FREE. Yikes! might need an intervention here. BUT…it’s FREE and the offer ends at midnight.

DId I ever tell ya about my friend who agreed to meet a very handsome  “Thumb Nail” for coffee?” In to the cafe walked a Gorilla. “He was big?” I asked. “No ! he was a gorilla~ H-A-I-R-Y from his neck to his toe nails.!” “Then why did you agree to meet him?” asked Pollyanna. “You can;t tell those things from a profile picture if they don’t want ya to know.”

BUT…it’s FREE and it ends at midnight.

They Do match you on 29 compatibility points, too, btw.


Did I tell you about the friend who received a refund because she was unmatchable ? (could be some of those restrictions..about honesty though? Really?) If you knew her you’d want to date her. Heck I’d want to date her! “What did you do’? I asked,  “I changed my answers!” Now she probably has 2zillionfourhundredthousandoffers. Could be her “ThumbNail”. She is NOT a gorilla.

BUT…Did I ever tell ya about my friend who was feeling lonely and having to decide between or She thinks one is more accepting and lower maintenance.

Until next time~~~Keep laughing! But I Gotta go ~Offer ends at Midnight!

I'll always remember you fondly as the girl I didn't meet online!

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile…it’s the joy that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 Replies to “Hurry! Offer Ends At Midnight!”

  1. Where are They one year later? Bachelorette 1 , re-married and moved away , starting happily afresh with her Beloved (she did not marry the gorilla).

    #2 is focusing on her Family, Gifts and Talents choosing to wait and Not change her answers knowing she is compatible for God Best.

    #3 has had numerous dates and offers of something more permanent. She remains unmarried, by choice, but i did hear she recently went the way of petmatch.

    Me? I continue to Aim for Heaven, believing for His invitation through an Open Door. until next time
    XoX shandralee


    1. Shandra! Laughing out loud here in a way that “LOL” would not suffice 😉 Thanks for sharing humor for the match challenged, and about the holiday special…I just might 🙂


  2. i gotta say the gorilla one made me laugh pretty hard.
    i guess you didnt take the offer ha? its just the ” end at midnight” makes pple feel like there is no offer that will come again like that.

    to be honest i still believe in soul mates, and i red ariel fords book soulmates secrets and hot chocolate for the mystical soul made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    heck i still believe if u sit on top of a mountain with no communication your princes charming will come knocking on your door lol. but he wont come without faith.

    you know whats interesting mom keeps tellling me and ( just reminded me) to always pray ( lord dont leave me as one )

    as i was reading this post lol funy


  3. Dear SH~ (we have kindred initials as well as kindred spirits!) Laughter is God”s gift and i receive (and pass it along) whenever i can,by choice often poking fun at myself and my “moments”. 🙂

    Your comment has such insight , It is EXACTLY as you said…the fear that there might not be another to come along, that “this is the best we can do” , which can send us (males & females) into the relational mark-down aisle.

    I took some time to really reflect and pray before responding. Married 24 years, single again for 7, with 2 grown sons and living in the US, my perspective might be just a wee bit different than yours or your Momma’s (who sounds like someone I would love to hang with!). Sounds like you and she have the priorities in order.

    Having this opportunity to share ,( I even sought my son for wise Godly, (hip) counsel ), I will for whomever might wonder~
    + I too believe in Prince Charming; with all his imperfections and humanness. There is no perfect person. Only perfect for me. (or you) 🙂

    +As Sheri Rose Shepherd ( )
    wrote: if you will hand the key of your heart to the Lord, you will find the safe place you’re longing for. Your security will no longer be based on others’ actions. Even those who love you the most don’t know how to love you the way your Lord does. Just listen to His promise in Revelation 21:4: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.

    +asking Jesus Christ into your heart as Saviorand Lord is the First step. Letting Him reach down deep inside, healing our hurts and showing us our Value. (read: Captivating by Eldredges and Do You Think I’m Beautiful by Thomas)

    +Waiting for Mr / Mrs. Right is ACTIVE. The Lord wants us ready ; working and learning in our Calling, Passions and GIftings. He will provide the Chosen Mate…or not. (read : Choosing God’s Best by Rouniklar and anything by Joshua Harris 🙂 no relation ! )

    + We have to have an idea of what He (or she) might “look like” (see above passions, calling, giftings) and what our roles might be )Power of a Praying Husband , Power of a Praying WIfe by O’Martian ; For Men Only and For Women Only)

    +and the biggest point…expect the unexpected 🙂

    There are so many more resources and stories. You dear readers-Share a favorite?
    Blessings on you every one!
    Shandra xox


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