Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Who Knew the influence?


The eyes of speculation.

The eyes of acceptance.


God’s Word (and  Shakespeare’s) are full of references to be being true to oneself. To serving only one master. Think you’re pretty good at that?  Well think again.


Matthew 6:24  We all know about serving God or….



 We can not be happy, content or confident in any of the other Promises He gives until we choose. Not in any of the abundant or small Gifts. We’re a pendulum swinging this way and that.

Until we choose.


Lovely faithful patient eloquent Truth  put so nicely…

Please People or PLEASE GOD.


 But how, you say?

  • Dig into your Bible daily. I hear the Book Of John is a wonderful place to start .
  • Learn , RECEIVE and STAND on who YOU are in Christ. The Authority, the Beauty, Redeemed,  Restored. (yep John again…oh and Jesus said it too 🙂 )
  • When you mess up FORGIVE yourself and allow Father God to Forgive you. (yep Proverbs says that even the righteous WILL fail. Bummer. I’m kinda ready to lay down the Queen of Making It All  Awkward crown  ;( )

Oh and the next time that judgement feeling comes on (giving or receiving) remember that Grand Ole Opry classic~

What Would Jesus Do

Take a chance ~

On the upright man with the Smiling Eyes AND the Smiling Heart


Today and every day may your heart be Peace Filled and Still with the Knowledge that you are Loved and Adored and Obedient to  the Only True Master. 

Until Next Time Cheering for YOU!~(hmmm ~~ why not~~ and for Myself, too!) Shandra