Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

This part is mine to share as best I am able~for you who need it~who are looking for a Hope this very day.

 As I’ve written time and again turn away now if this is not your style.

 During my wonderful season in the High/Middle School Ministry I have truly seen how God orchestrates every step…when we allow Him.  I’ll be happy to share if you ever care to hear, how He has opened door after door for a community through one step of obedience  to show up and one step of obedience by You to invite. Much of  the journey is chronicled in this blog, all in my heart.

Who knew?

You can not possibly know what the future unlocks by that one step, NOW.

Repeatedly throughout this season I have stood face to face with myself. The choices, the hurts, the hopes, the devastation that Life can hand us or that we can step into. Repeatedly throughout this season I have stood face to face and even arm in arm, with the people who have created the brokeness, hurt and pain from  a past life.  Perhaps you too?

Greater courage. Head up. BUT GOD.

A crucial moment orchestrated by you -know- who was again in May (busy month 🙂 ) when I stood face to face with a mirror image of 19 year old self. In that instant God healed. Both of us. The teenager and the middle ager. One mind, one heart, fractures, wounds healed. Forgiven. United.

Yet still something holding me back. (anyone?)

Sometimes, to get us there (Wholeness/ Restoration) God has to tear down the wobbly rubble and  rebuild. So glad  I let Him. So thankful He cares. One invitation. One Open Door. One Narrow Path. Healing. Healing. Healing…for a community.

 A quick three part dream sometime in May: a huge angry hand clamping a basket  down over me (bondage to fear? the past?), a HUGE LOVING hand removing the basket gently (freedom in Christ!) and sadly a small woman/child continually scurrying back under the basket (fear of man? fear of self ? fear of future?)… (anyone?)

And finally, thankfully The Loving Hand of a Gentle Father God who holds me (and You ) gently in His Palm, protected, cherished,  loved. 

God loves each one of us that much. Right where we are. He loves us that much too, not to leave us here but to invite us on to the next season of Life In Him.

Two years ago Father God invited this Woman, Teacher, Mother, (bruised child), to step into (healing) the next Great Adventure.called Youth Ministry. As this season transitions with Restoration, friends, growth, Grace  and Goodwill I am so very thankful. I know not where the next Adventure leads but know that with His Leading it will be so good.

So thankful for  Restoration Freedom  to Shine and confidently claim …step by step… His Invitation and Calling.

 Until next time~♥

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