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What’s That Sound?! One final life lesson note…Inexperience…Discipline…Or She’s Not Devious/smart Enough To be a Smuggler.

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Life lessons :

  • BE STILL. Be Still. Be Still.  Psalm 107:30

  •  God has personally delivered divine exchange, He does not need or want us to explain or excuse. (Esp when there is nothing to defend .)

  •  He will take care of it. He always has . .Psalm 4:1 ESV (as in ‘when you wink at your friend but the handsome stranger off stage thinks it’s for him.’)..

  • Just go with it! 🙂

Whilst walking with a friend the other day, there was another huge aha moment. So brilliant was the revelation said friend  announced “Shhhh ! What’s that sound? Why it’s the sound of synapse sparking” (she thought she was quite hilarious by the way~me not so)

Tis true tho’. Times of great pressure can become times of great stress.

  • Praise The Savior Daily.

There’s a reason we have only one hand for Sword wielding or Shield holding. With God~ Good Will and our knees~ that is all one needs.

And airport security with a sense of humor.

  • Inexperience, innocence, being oblivious or lack of discipline. They all show. Don’t waste energy trying to cover it. (see handsome stranger story above. 🙂 and keep reading )

Handing my declaration to the young lady she raised an eyebrow,  looked me up and down asking “Are you sure?”. The rest of my party was breezing through security whilst I and my baggages were herded aside. “Why are you coming into our country?” “A mission trip” I replied. “A missionary!?” Y-E-S…gulp. O dear, this is it. Persecution? Shake down? Off to a foreign prison for my Faith?

“Well Senora” began one of the 2 officers she had called over to assist. “You might want to redo this declaration~right there~where you checked YES to bringing  10zillion dollars into our country”. Noticing now, they had all been trying not to laugh. Ahhhh.The smell of brand spanking New Passport. Travel much?

Inexperience, uncertainty, and innocence can be endearing and  redeeming. Or it can land you briefly at the sidelines or chatting with a handsome amusing stranger; eventually, becoming a hilarious story that everyone tells, retells and laughs about with you.

Shhh! Be Still. Do you hear it?

Thanks for stopping by, sharing a laugh and glass of your favorite refreshment.

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