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The (other) Mysterious Man In Charge

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Have you  watched “ Undercover Boss “?

The one  time I’ve caught it~UB was in tears, the worker bees were in tears, even it seemed the camera crew was in tears. So~yep. Pass the tissues please.

So moved was the CEO by the day-to-day struggles of his employees (one in particular) that he wept. Openly. Unabashedly. WoW.  There were two points that stood out~

  • To know the stories~he had to be shown.
  • He had been in his “Ivory Tower” totally unaware of his people’s plight.

It started me thinking of God The Father. To many of you (at one time myself too) He seems as an Ivory Tower dweller; out of touch with real world contemporary people. False!

Truth Is~

  • He intimately knows our story. (Psalm 139)
  • He is moved to action on our behalf. (Is 54:4)
  • He blesses  His people. (Leviticus 26:3–5)
  • Especially those who follow and Obey. (Ps 24:1)
  • He is not Fair but He is just. (Rom 2: 1)

God is in the Undercover Business. God IS an undercover Gentleman….A Boss…of the Best Kind.

Until next time~shandra

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