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Adventure, Road Trips and The Singles

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 Being still. Sorta. That was then. This is now. Fresh  Adventure calls…that… and the ticking sound of a soon to expire National Parks Pass. One year ago it was a journey of many miles; which included a road trip. You can check it out on this blog in July/August 2010. Feeling quite satisfied to putz around my yard~until now~the Lovely first day of Summer and Free National Parks Day+++. 

Then a title caught my eye. Right here under my very own little nose are too many opportunities and treasures…In my own backyard. Starting with the Oregon Coast. ( which does not require a pass;  the soothing smell of sand the sound of the sea, and flying kites 😉  are still free) then on to Crater Lake and …

Crater Lake

How bout you? Any summer plans for vacations? Staycations? We would all love to know.

If you have some ideas or encouragements of Must See destinations in Oregon or Washington I’m all ears.  (Redwoods too although if you’re one 10-year-old girl “if you’ve seen one ginormous red tree trunk seen em!” 🙂

O! Have any stories about what keeps you  (OR the challenges that keep you from ) traveling as a single (or as a family) please share . We learn from one another and there may be a caravan in the making. Yosemite? Alaska? Redding? 😉

Until next time~keep your eyes open~you never know what adventure is in your very backyard.


Next time an adventure of great Faith, Fortitude and a Tale of Showing Up. Stay Tuned (or keep reading)….+++Clearly this post was slated for another date as it not National Free Parks Day OR the first day of summer. Feels  a bit anti climactic after Mrs Obama’s S Africa Trip and Hundreds of Graduates. Way to Go First Lady! Way to Go Grads.

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