Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Celebrating The Journey of Lessons~

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In this wonderful season of Celebrating Independence I am truly Celebrating! I hope you are too. Today and everyday remember your Freedom. It was bought and paid with a price.

Sometimes to be reminded of that Price takes great Courage. Today I am thankful for the folks in my life. my circles that I know have had that courage. I am also celebrating  the ones that I know nothing about, but am sure play a huge part.

Life is not perfect (yet :0) joke!) There’ re still many things to be worked out but God Is Good All The Time. Yesterday’s pictorals represent the struggles and victory of overcoming.

Today~this very day~ many things are coming full circle. Promise and Word of THIS Day~Flourish


Goodwill~God’sWill, Favor and Grace. Reciprocal. Today we Celebrate!

oh~ and  repeating~when I forget at some point in the future, you’re invited to take ou this post and beat me, ever so softly, about the heart with it~Nicely.♥


Stay tuned for a man who will make your day AND how the Overcomer is destined to receive a new name.

Until Next Time~

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