Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

The other day in  a lovely little town in another time zone (not really just sounded so jet settish I got carried away) lovely  little mini van needed nourishment, so the first place that did not require this ~won.

Honestly, we were not in a lovely part of town. So unlovely that going on seemed wiser and lovelier. It was really quite sketchy even in light of day . But stop we did, meeting a lovely little man and his lovely  daughter. Not this exact man but a smile just as big. (bigger)

Since he had appeared without my seeing him enter, I explained our purpose to which he replied “I know I noticed you when you pulled up.”

Our conversation made my day. And kept us laughing half way up the mountain.

I could never do his art  justice so try I won’t,  Do hope that the instant ‘like’ for this husband, wife, and 3 children, who love each other, who show up every day for 13 years,  to serve, to honor and offer respect no matter who, does come through.

He noticed when we pulled up because there was something different before we even got out. Love it ! He went on to say that he feels called to tell people what (positive) qualities he sees “because you never know when it will be just what they need to bring a needed smile or make their day”. Double Love!

After accepting some very nice observations, he said it was easy with most people….”except  one; yesterday. She had whirled, glared and growled “Whatchulookinat?” “I had two choices~he said laughing~make up something nice …or die” .


 Go Ahead~Make My Day!

So he did. Make something up I mean~not shoot her or die. I envisioned her response, as he told her the few nuggets of positive  he saw. Just for a moment, enchanted, and then it was gone. But just for that moment she had hope. She had a glimmer. Just for a moment, he had given her a new name.

I thought about how he had, at just that moment been placed in my path;  only the previous hour my own image of self was battling once again. An answered prayer of encouragement from The One True God who shows us the reasons we are His. 

Likely we’ll find ourselves at that  lovely little mart in that lovely part of town again. Yes, so he can make my day : )  because really who doesn’t want to be around people who serve, honor and find the beauty in others together, no matter what? And as he reminds us all “I’m so proud and happy to be in America. What is there to complain about?”

 Perhaps next trip I’ll have something to offer them.

Until next time~

Go Ahead~ Make Some One’s Day!

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