Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

That friends, is what I said! “What?!”


Those pesky things seem to come out of no where. Then we spend the next hundred years focusing on how to get rid of them (or calling The Guinness book of World Records ; which belongs to an Iowa farmer   no use correcting me~ hers does not count)

There’s wisdom in  “going back”. Not literally of course, (although sometimes tis true~that’s another story) but going back to the event  just before theHiccup (or pothole) Effect  derailed your journey. 

Time to Listen.

Revisit the last step of obedience God asked you to do.


Since  God does not waste anything these seasons  are simply  tender training. Letting old self die~the one who wants to sometimes still cry” this is so  not what I signed up for.” Learning to hone in on HIS voice HIS eyes alone, press through, step up. Trust, Obey.

 Going back.  Saying YES. Stepping up.



Revisiting  exactly where the potholes began. Revisiting how the fear of further disappointment or the fear of fear (even the hint of) tries to instill paralysis.  (read this  about the same  time ….So agree! Also submitting the definitive strategy is…take a tent stake to it’s temple !Fear is a toxic enemy…which is robbing YOU of your destiny.) 

(Has God said give things away? do it! To pay your bills on time? do it! To go on a year long mission trip? DO IT! To restore the foundation? Let Him!  )  Just step out ~ He WILL be there. Promise.


Revisiting exactly the place of Courage and Overcoming.  I’ve only just begun and feel great!


The friends who know,say it’s the wisest choice. Truly, I am ready to be done. Honestly, I am ready to walk away.  This is from another life and I dont’ want to play anymore. Still, lots to sort through.  Pressing through has of course brought~closure. And it will for YOU too.

 All will be worth it… sometimes a gal’s just gotta get messy; taking Victory and Breakthrough into her own hands. (pass the tissue box please)


Moral of this Season? God has a clever strategy~stretching us beyond bounds, so that ever so willingly we say to the “smaller” immediate request~ 

“Oh that? Sure, that I can do!”

Until next time~xox





~just wondering~ what is your favorite hiccup cure? (mine? in the old days it was holding my breath hoping they’ll go away) 😉                           

NOW? <b-r-e-a-t-h-e>

4 Replies to “Go Back and Say “Yes””

  1. Revisiting… being willing to get messy… diving in because you refuse to be turned away again… I love it! I love reading about YOU doing it! Me? I’m trying to figure out where in the way back the revisiting starts 🙂

    Keep writing. xxooxoxoo


  2. Well friend Holly, you really have me thinking. How far back do we go whilst revisiting? Interesting.

    I thought I knew. Thankfully God has other plans (to restore the foundation.

    Some writing ideas (and messiness and Gladly closure) spring forth. Stay tuned. 🙂



    1. I’m simply here to help 🙂
      AND I see that you are keeping it tender, as indicated by your next post (insert heart here).
      Waiting for stories of restoration~
      ~Love and hugs and such~


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