Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Busy. Taking a break for a brief moment to check in.

 So much happening where do we begin? Walking , talking, praying, coffee, concerts, picnics, sunshine, sorrow, laughter and so many trips here I’ve lost count.


It all started with breathing.  The best way to hear God Whispers and discover really great treasures. Our new (free) desk….which implies clutter free drawers.    At this angle it doesn’t look like much but if you’d seen it’s predecessor you’d understand just how lovely this one truly is. You know the saying one man’s junk is his neighbor’s treasure. (hmmm. someone should really do something about those wires.)

This is what remains of a truly monstrous pile for storage and organization. 

Which someone might have stumbled upon whilst turning the donation station into a shopping center.

Tidied rooms with excavated closets=a new season.

But what is about to be the most fulfilling for this previously stuck-now unstoppable- hard workingheartwarming-warm-hearted-funloving-still too independent-but ever so thankful-single mom-homeowner gal involves this….. hmmm. Maybe that’s enough for this post. Back to the excavating…one last stack…one last closet. Stay Tuned.

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