Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

God has a lovely way of whispering above the winds, straight to this little heart. Can you hear Him? He created this love affair with words. Their meanings , the way they can play off or completely change a perspective thrills me. Take the little verb  ‘abandon’. It cries…emptiness, less than, alone.

He whispers somewhere deep within where there is a great desire to overcome. Yet other words such as… submit or surrender are still…too much.What if we were to hearken to God’s Whispers. “Abandon yourself…to Me.” What if, as Oswald Chambers describes, we allowed an exchange of our less thans for His More than enoughs. God has a beautiful, lovely way of courting us into a lovely Divine Exchange. Exquisitely tailored to our own tender hearts.  Hear Him? He calls…

Until next time~practicing Wild Abandon (noun) to He who Loves Me. Shandra

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