Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

 As this season draws to a close with warm lovely nights, bright morning sunrise, do you know how you are Loved? No doubt remains here. Since the beginning of time God has been for you, has been there with you, and for me. Ask Him. He’ll show you. There’s one more thing He’s been asking, whispering to you too, perhaps?


“Let Me” That’s all. Two words. “Let Me show you how deeply you’re loved and treasured just as you are.” There are so many things We could do together, You and I, if you’ll just Let you just as you are. Let Me prosper you where you are. Let Me protect you , lift you up, empower you. Let Me.”

A mountain top experience brought this clearly to view. The God of Wonders would want me? Right where we are, He whispers…

Your Adoring {not so Secret} Admirer, God.

~One Woman, ruined for the ordinary, never to be the same~Amen.

7 Replies to “Loved Beyond Repair”

  1. Ruined to walk out the extraordinary…

    Shandra, I Simply love the depths of expression that come from your wide open heart~ Holly


  2. Shandra, a beautiful message as only a self-less spirit, who is one with the Lord could possibly share so soothingly! You are a blessing to many and your words shine with a bright radiance. As being one with you in spirit and also in his love…praise your hearts love for others my sister! God bless!


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