The Family Meal

Time with family is so important. Over the campfire, at the ball park, coffee shop or around the dining table we hope for lively conversation and breaking bread.

To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with each other.It implies friendliness and informality all the way back to Bible times. Never should it feel an obligation or chore.

Time away from the world of hustle and bustle to create traditions, share values, thoughts, ideas, events. Time specially set aside to share with people we know love and care about us.

Having our own family meal time reestablished brings me great joy. Finding a free afternoon or evening for everyone’s schedule has challenges but we think we’ve narrowed it down.

Wednesday              Thursday           Friday

  *I’m pretty sure said loved ones left Saturday out of the mix just in case said mom ever chooses a date night… or visa versa*:) So stay tuned. Baking, grilling and lots of gabbing. Perhaps we’ll toss aside the menu suggestions above and begin with this (which should be in one of the 5 food groups and colors and may just become a new family meal tradition)~

Check back~all this month we’ll be sharing the Journey.~ Shandra

linking here: The Social Scene

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