Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

By the time you read this I won’t be.  Alone . Again.

I may have mentioned my sons. They’re awesome. How I was worthy of them, I know not. Did I mention they are awesome? You see the thing is ~ ever since they were born my heart has been preparing to let them go. It’s God’s design for healthy parenting.

They’re not mine. They were called from an early age to do great things. to BE great Men. One is off on his own life..The “poster boy” for a NW company. The other is off on internship. Productive, engaged guys. Just the way they are designed.


There was a conversation where this phrase came up which reminded me of this song(Naturally) 🙂 (oh that 70’s hair!)

To think that only yesterday they were cheerful bright and small! God in His mercy DOES exist and what I know is that He has NOT deserted. Not now. Not ever. Hearts can be mended. Let Him. You are NOT alone. Naturally! Psalm 42:8

Until next time~ xoxSH~

♥ it’s all perspective: ‘alone’ or ‘on your own’.♥

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