Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Just Loafin’ Around… With Memories Family n Friends

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Cleaning, sorting, casting off. Tis good to do occasionally. One never knows what one might discover in the process esp when one has a closet that looks like this…

Ok, perhaps not quite this bad but it felt darn close. Now all is neat, tidy, organized. Forgotten treasures rediscovered. A bread maker which had been handed over by a friend.  Said lovely magical machine, never used….in two years.

So out it came one warm summers day and with it the memories….Turtle bread with 2 Little Boys…

Baking with friends.

Memories. Funniest things pop in. Long ago dreams which Life chose not to imitate. There are things along the way I’d prefer a do over, even more that I would keep just the same. Like 2 great sons and Life Squared right where we are. God has a lovely ‘little’ way of bringing us along at just the right pace.

So Life today is about gourmet cheese, sparkling beverage and a lovely baguette shared with friends who have become family. (with a wee bit o chocolate o course)

Pancakes, hugs, Dutch Bros and a nice little Bend Walk  with some others.

Casting off the old, dreaming in the new…sharing the journey. Shandra

Colossians 3:10

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