Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

If you’ve ever had children And taken them to the store And lost sight of them even for one eensy weensy moment~that announcement sends shivers to your very core.

I can proudly report that it was never my sons that were involved. It was something we often bantered about though…”Clean up!” Accidents happen, life gets rough, things break.

Ya’ll who know me know that I am hugely pro family=anti divorce. Fix it, work it out, steep yourself in accountability, get your act together ; do it for the kids if nothing else. Applause to those of you who have! May your new Life be 100 Fold.

But sometimes Marriages lie in the aisle, mortally wounded, life blood oozing across the floor. Too big a mess. Too much brokenenss. Mop up the residue. Move on.

What about the children? Mine own face challenging the stereotypes, the status quo and changing the statistics. Wiping off the residue . What about the children?

Two young men who today I am so proud to be friends. Two young men who could not fix or clean up the choices around them but who somehow made it through the mess created by others.

 So if there’s someone somewhere mopping up a ‘mess’, take heart. No matter how it may feel at the ‘messiest’ , God can work it out for good. Guarantee it will never look as you thought it would. Let Him~it will be even better.

This is dedicated to mine own boys who are now Men. To family meals, laughing  together and time apart. To disagreements and reconciliation. To sharing trust, respect and laughter. To the many friends who are and some day will be in our lives…To The Future.

New Beginnings.

New Reasons to Celebrate.


Next time dreams of a grown up and examples from our own family meal. Stay tuned.

2 Replies to “Clean Up on Aisle 8”

  1. Shandra I love you so very much and have all these years. I think from the first moment I met you I knew our lives would be interwoven, entwined together somehow… Sickness can take what little you have left and strip it from every fiber of it’s being. It’s like my faith I believe in God but yet I have had it so hard my whole life things I won’t speak of ever…and this seemed to be it I wasn’t shaken before…I was assured in God’s love and that he knows all and will provide for me and my needs…He knows what I need and don’t need…but now I just don’t know. Am I just going through the motions, do I really believe any more in his word, his miracle’s…for every step forward I have made and my family we, I seem to take numerous steps backward. So here I am lord teetering on the edge, walking that tight rope…wondering if you will catch me, will you save me?
    Love you and thank you for letting me share,
    Your sister


    1. Dear Sweet Sis, How God loves you and your own family. How I love you.
      We try…we do what we think God wants what we hear Him saying which at times just doesn’t seem to get us anywhere.
      One thing I know is that it is nearly impossible to change the patterns of old on our own. Bilblically based support and I know that it takes three. Two people willing to change and do the hard work of committment and God at the center.
      I am rooting for your future. How much more so is our Hugely Loving God.♥
      Be not shaken for God IS with You. Even when it doesn’t appear to be what we expect.


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