Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

We’re taking a chance here. This story is being written in real-time. This month has been about family, friends, food, fun-all safely worded,  drafted, prescheduled. God’s good that way. Trust, Obey. Only a few birthed and published in the moment. Potential of  being fraught with feminine emotions~HIGH (or not). God’s good that way. Trust, Obey.

My words lack the eloquence to express the gratitude and fondness for a community and Church that has weathered challenging skeptical times by allowing God to create through one word~UNITY. Isn’t it Lovely?

Yesterday was what has become the annual day of loving the Central Oregon community via a faith-based group, who believe that just telling the world of Christ’s love is not enough. Jesus showed the world His love through action, in tangible ‘meet people in their circumstance’ ways. World Changing. The Heart Campaign

After a rocking Worship Concert last night friends shared some of these stories over tea. A ‘Rock’ concert at ‘church’?! Yep.

God speaks  in relevant ways. Trust, Obey. Unexpected conversations~One more piece of the ‘why are you here’ puzzle.

God speaks  in relevant ways. Trust, Obey. Ask Him for more. He meets you right where you are.

God speaks in relevant ways. Having Christ in your ♥ does not mean Life without  irritants. It does mean the ROCK  foundation will stand even when the thorny vines grab hold. A Church Family. Imperfect people who stand with and love, imperfect people.

Church is Jesus. Yet, none of us IS Jesus. Yet, we try to be more like Him. Yet~we make mistakes. Yet~we give and receive Grace and forgiveness~freely. It’s a beautiful cycle of growth and freedom.

In my church home (the building) there is a window. Friends often find me sitting under Jesus’ hands (the window). But really, How true. Hands open Wide in Love, Peace and Acceptance. God IS good that way. We’re not to do life alone. Where is your home? Who is your family? +++++

God speaks. Through you to me. “Just” appreciation. Hoping God speaks from me to you. “Just” Trust. “Just” safety. “Just” friends. “Just” Family. World Changing.

Until next time~Checkout the photos this coming  week of a Community in Action, with wide open hearts.

+++++ I heard a young man talking of 2 human needs :1. in the midst of our pain (circumstances) to KNOW we are loved. 2. to KNOW everything WILL be ok.  Only with Christ do we have that assurance. No guilt, no shame no condemnation. Don’t  do Life without Him.

3 Replies to “The Family of ‘Church’”

  1. “Having Christ in your heart does not mean having Life without irritants”… Life defined–
    1b : a state of living characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction…

    I’m so glad that Christ gives LOTS of guidelines on how to grow and react to life’s irritants, so that what I reproduce looks a whole lot more like Him than me!

    Shandra, thanks for letting me take your words on a rabbit trail 🙂


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