A Transaction Of Trust

I so wish  this post was going to be some lovely gift of wisdom, philosophy or even a great Eagles song. Alas. It will be more like a “Brought to You By Hallmark” moment, cause that’s just how I roll. This morning is such a warm, easy , peaceful feeling (yes just like the song) 🙂 . Such a feeling I’m not sure can be described ~like having melted into a pocket of Peace and just floating there among the Easy Feeling Clouds.


” If God and Man have invested so carefully, lovingly, patiently over time,  why do you doubt?” (*which clearly reflects on my truth, not yours)

Today I remember the magic is in the journey…of surprises, remembrances relationships~new each  day.  Today there’s no rush. Today holds the greatest Gift any person can share~the magic of acceptance. Today, because  you are attentive, loyal, pray, cheer and love with open arms, for  my household  there is a Hope for the Future.

These are the greatest gifts friends can share. Championing and inspiring each other. Even in the midst of the unexpected journey and adventure. stay tuned 🙂 

The Gifts I offer  in return are few and all I have to give. Sacrifice. Trust. Encouragement. Transparency. Love. Laughter. Joy. Playfulness.

Please don’t think you’re the key to   happiness for another. True Joy is our journey with Christ and no one should ever give that power, or burden. Friend’s inspire, empower, accept and trust.  Through truth they gently coax open our inner and outer Hearts toward healing and hope. What a Transaction. What a journey.

Until next time~May you find contentment in the everyday joys and pleasure in the simplest of things. A peaceful, easy feeling. Thinking of  You  Readers.



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