Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

With so many shorts written and ready, why a new one?  Perhaps someone today or this season, needs encouragement.  I  know not, yet here it is~because of a song , which reminded me of you. Cherishing new connection.With waves of thankfulness. 

 Struggles. Triumphs. Lostness. Start Overs. Patience. Exasperation. Perseverance. Disappointment. Delight.

It’s how we learn of ourselves.

doubts, temptations, losses, family problems,  personal inconsistencies, personal joys

It’s how we learn of God. 

His plan.

Our Lives.


So in keeping with this season of Gratitude,  this little blog and I, will remind You of how special You are…to everyone who loves you…especially Jesus. For much we have to be thankful.

 I Will Never Leave You Alone ^^


Sharing some of the Journey~Shandra

 ^ this rendition is lovely, she’s lovely, you’re lovely. Enjoy the Loveliness.^


 Post Script~Sometimes you’re happily blogging along with encouragement and reassurance for the reader when one morning you wake up to realize the reader may just be you. Self. That’s just how God works and how much He loves.


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