Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

As we journey into the Season of Thanks. I’m reminded of the beauty and Courage around us everyday . Yes, we’re thankful for a Land of Freedom, because of  much Bravery.This will be reposting on Veterans Day, 2015. Celebrate Your Freedom, your Courage, Practice Gratitude. They’re more tenuous than you know. slwh


As a girl growing up back in the Stone Age brains and intellect were the coin of the realm. Not only necessary to survive, but coveted and expected.  When one’s gone missing (brain that is) life is hard!

The sad news? We were all misled. Brains , while important, are lower on the list. Integrity. Honor. Committment. Faith. Sacrifice .Courage. The traits that matter. Courage.

brave – bold – valiant – plucky – gallant – hardy

Courage. To do what is right even if it means you stand alone. Courage. Courageous. Tonight  this movie captivated. In an industry and society so eager to devalue men , what a refreshing take on imperfect creatures.

 There is nothing so attractive and hope inspiring than a man who puts God first. When he does all else falls into place. Winning a family to The Kingdom of Christ, winning hearts, treasuring people.

Sounds easy. Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with Your God. It’s not. Easy that is. 

The good news~it’s never too late.

So this 12th Day before Thanksgiving and so close after Veterans Day~I pick the Heroes I know and hear about~Grandpa Mike who spends his evenings lately in his “santa” shop lovingly hand making toys for his granddaughters, while letting Lil B chat away. He knows the importance of showing her her value, even at age 3.

And the real Men putting aside in this season many of his own desires. But not really. Because his desires are HIS desires. Lovely and Wonderful..

Have a COURAGEOUSthemovie party. (oh and take your tissues…do guys do that?)

We need You Men of Courage. We seek You. We treasure You. We trust You.

May You always be Courageous. May You Never let go the wheel. May You always feel Plucky 🙂

This little story has taken much longer than it “should” . So many remembrances stirred. Part 2 in the making….for now  Be Courageous. Please.  Shandra 2013


The Social Scene 2015 part “To Be Continued”…with Beloved Rod…who courageously shows up in person every moment of every day. 

 photo @shandra__lee
photo @shandra__lee

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