Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Funny places museums.So much time, attention, resources to house memories. Artifacts , relics, memorabilia. Preserved. Forever. On lovely display.  This one I most remember:

As a school age the sight of this mid-air swim took my breath away. Museums. They really are a lovely place to visit.

Recently, the stirrings  began.. The familiar stroll round the same mountain (again!?) Asking God why, His answer surprised me. Looking deep…

The Museum Of My Failures

All neatly displayed , or shoved away in drawers ,to replay, relive, be held back and down by. A nice little Memorial to Messes. Anyone?

Employment? Financial?  Marriage? Moral? Parenting? Relationships?


God is so much bigger than any mess we could ever make. Bigger than missed opportunities. Bigger than hurts from others. He repairs and heals.

The great thing about history is that the wise observer could learn  from  the  Fails and Success.


The take away ? Real Now feelings strong-ish. Lingering in past emotions (fill in the ___)= opportunity to minimize the ever growing Today stirrings, full of uncertainty…and Wonderfulness. You see the dilemma.  We know just where the old are, what floor of the exhibit they occupy or which corner of the closet. The Now life, not so much. Tis awkward to find just the right space for even the possibility of creating Extraordinary New Memories.  Awkward-ish or no, Tis time. 


Because certainly, it’s an interesting place to visit but do you really want to live there? 

 Until next time~Just sharing part of My Journey~ Shandra 

  “The past will never be through with us, we must learn to be through with the past. “

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