Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

You’ve heard the story?  . Have you lived it?

A life where everything you touch turns out right and good. Sounds wonderful to be so gifted.

Yet, this Foolish Greedy King of Greek mythology used his golden touch for selfish worldly purposes, eventually starving because of it. But What If it were true? What If with one touch or glance or word a life was changed? Gifts are for giving.

As this pivotal year (but maybe they’re all pivotal?) comes to an end there’s been much reminiscing, lots of tears and many hours of heart to hearts. Giving voice to the pain offers understanding from whence we come and how God, The True Good King makes Life New.

When families begin to dream again, a magical thing happens. Joy. The Midas Touch?

Our Gifts emerge, as if rose buds from under a layer of ash. Our own Midas Touch…people being drawn, success in career,  ministry, service, schooling, parenting, success in letting go.  Favor.

Embracing ours and yours~  responding to the call. How difficult and frightening it was. But you responded. You came back for us. You pried these dazed confused little lambs from the jaws of the enemy. You know~I’ve seen it in your eyes. The Midas Touch.

Favor. Freely embracing the Gifts God has freely given. His favor, with no regrets. Turning toward the protection, gifts , guidance and love.

We can almost feel the cheering in the Heavenlies and here closer to Home. Pressing in and on. As He says “if you love Me~Win”. It’s that simple.

To embrace…no..celebrate…YES that’s it…Celebrate The Midas Touch.

I’ll never know how many or whom in our Church family, Community, even strangers have come alongside, behind the scenes or  blazed a trail ahead. We are forever and most deeply Grateful. Sending Hugs to all of you who have helped this little unit return to Life  lived in Beauty, Grace and Harmony.

as if on cue~ on this dark, cold December morning a Song Bird gives Voice outside my window. Only God. The Only One True  Midas Touch.



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