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On The 7th Day Before Christmas “Messiah” Anyone?

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I’m certain you’ll agree Traditions are the GREAT JOYS  of the Holiday Season. Through Christmas,  if you’ll allow,  the sights and sounds that give this Season meaning for me will come alive. Today is one of those lovely Traditions. But first a little background.

George Frideric Handel was born in Germany on February 23, 1685. Interestingly, his father did not encourage his musical talents. He had a colorful career studying law briefly at the University of Halle, a “church” organist in 1702,  orchestra violinist in 1703  and much experience in the following years.

Remembering, at the time the world was in growing chaos. Music was changing and evolving in much the same way so perhaps keeping this in mind can help us understand  (or not) such a growing frustration with other composers that would lead him to fight a duel over the accompaniment to an opera. (not even his own opera!) 

On August 23, 1741 he entered his study with Scripture as inspiration. 23 days later Handel’s Messiah was born. This new style of music attracted England’s new middle-class audiences as well as royalty.  Messiah, Israel in Egypt, Samson, Saul eventually established him in English music. (wonder if his dad ever came around?)

So in the Holiday Tradition for the New Middle Class and thankfully so~Until next time ~off to The Tower to hum along. (no, not that Tower. This one!~)

 Here’s a just for fun Link if you’d like to join in .  In the midst of all the Fun remembering that

 Jesus Remains the Real Reason for The Season. Prince of Peace.


*more can be found in “Classical Archives”* or here cascademastersingers

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