On the 5th Day Before Christmas Ballet and Gingerbread Dance Through Her Head

One of the loves of my younger life was dancing. An escape, freedom, an outlet. Even for this almost painfully private girl, the beauty of the dance called.

Each year  The Nutcracker grabbed this Little Girl heart. The glorious gowns, the party, the Hero.

(Heros, that’s another Lovely Story…)

Central Oregon’s  local production .School of Ballet  had became a tradition with friends, giving us an opportunity to dress up,  gather and celebrate GIRLS ONLY. (ask me about the year we unwisely bent that rule. Hint: it involves two of the mothers exchanging criticisms about those unruly boys we could hear from  the nosebleed seating and why were their mothers NOT doing something…only to realize… yep!) Each year  the  high school opens it’s doors. The production is lovely and amusing . If ever you are here we shall dress up, go to dinner and see The Nutcracker. (Note: the inclusion of male types will be on a case by case basis) 🙂


Another Central Oregon Tradition for  11 years minus 1, has been this~

The Sunriver-resort. Gingerbread Junction. A mom and kids tradition, it’s really not Christmas until this.  Pulling up to the Lodge recently, lovely little families were strolling and biking  (it’s been wonderfully mild here). Sitting in my car the Traditions of Old glided softly by. Young eyes glowing bright gazing at packages under the Tree. Hot chocolate and candy canes. Tree lightings, Christmas School Programs, parades, caroling.

I didn’t go in. No sadness or tears. Just sweet remembrances and memories. Sledding  and falling. Late nights building gingerbread houses, reading Twas The Night Before Christmas, baking Christmas Cookies to sneak to the neighbors’, filling each others stocking to hang them with care.

Driving away, a line from a movie came to mind “Just cause it doesn’t end happy doesn’t mean there were not happy moments.” Tis true. Thank you Hallmark.

And who knows. There’s still time. I may even start a New Tradition. Cause really how fun is this?

Then again~how fun is this?


Wishing You remembrances of Happy Times and  dreams of New, even Happier, Traditions.

Cause two are better than one~ add Santa and it’s a Celebration!

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