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On the 4th Day Before Christmas The Blessing of Friends

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 “Remember That Every Good Friend Was Once A Stranger”
Perhaps the greatest, simplest everyday joy , is time gifted with friends. This is written with anticipation of  parties, Women’s Christmas Tea, coffees, Tea Room, dinners, Christmas Tree lightings, Christmas light viewings, movie nights, surprise parties, long walk n talks. If ever we have been in one another’s Circles may I remind you how special you have been to my Life, near or far.
(Note : My lovely friends are indeed Lovely. they are also wise beyond compare and knowing the harshness with which the camera deals with all except a few,  we have unanimously chosen not to add the stress of harsh images forever in space. forever critiqued~these are not my friends but some of the places we gather. although, if any photos turn out we might just post some fun so check back or not. as you wish)
Two recent memorable conversations included whether we can ever be what another truly needs or wants. Probably not. Each one must decide what is truly important.  At any rate may I express my appreciation to you in this Christmas Season
 If we have yet to greet, please know how happy I will be to meet you. For however short or great a length, it will be just right. When Jesus Is The Reason, the impact will be perfect. I pray that we will each share with and lovingly fill whatever  we can in the moment, in the season or in the LifeTime.
Life is busy and full, Life is active and balanced, Life is Lovely. Friends are a blessing and always welcome in my heart . You are well thought of and well loved.

Until Next time~Take Very Good Care Shandra

aka CindyLouWho




In 2015 often finding new friends here: The Social Scene


6 Replies to “On the 4th Day Before Christmas The Blessing of Friends”

    1. Cheers right back!!! Indeed, we must be sure to make time (schedule it if necessary) to keep our hearts & futures connected.My Beloved Honey, Rod, & I do & as well as our grown children. it’s that important. Be Blessed, Mama. xox


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