On The 3rd Day Before Christmas These Three Things

Savoring peppermint tea, flocks of Canadian Geese transform the surface of the peaceful Deschutes river as the sun sinks slowly into the snow caps, the tinkle of after shopping conversations surround me. Tis the season to share the Tradition of Three.

Long ago a story was told about Three Wise Men who sought The Baby bearing Three Gifts. Three was an abundant overflowing perfect number for the Christ child and his parents.

Three shall be more than enough for we. Two Boys embraced the idea. If Jesus was happy with Three so would we be . From then on under our tree each person was gifted three inspired gifts at Christmas.

Here we are years later times have changed but the Season and The Reason, remains the same. Blessed with 3.
Three in the Trinity. Three in The Nativity
Three children, who call me “Friend”.
And of course,..the tradition of the Made for TV Christmas Movie. After some discussion, finally with the laugh o meter ticking friends agreed to expand it to the big screen too, choosing these;

3).  the Griswold’s are timeless in National Lampoons Christmas Vaca, 2) Polar Express and No 1) ( drum roll please) From the beginning of time or at least since it’s first showing, hands down, you’ll put your eye out laughing with “A Christmas Story”. (you thought it would be an old sentimental b/w?…I was outvoted)

Tomorrow, my absolute all time forever favorite sights and sounds of Christmas, then, this Christmas Day more than any other, marks  the New Beginning of New Traditions in our family. How ’bout yours?

(alright, who can NOT give a shout out to ” A Charlie Brown Christmas”?  where the beauty of the Non Traditional shines)

Until then, take good care.

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