Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Perhaps you’re one of those folks who saves setting foot in church for those special times ? Well, tis here! The Very Best Part of Christmas is here. Today. Now.

It’s not too late. You don’t even have to get fancied up. Just grab the ones you love and come. Go. To a House of Worship near you. For the Magic of Christmas Eve is upon us.

Better than Peppermint Mocha, Christmas Cartoons or laying poolside. The sights and sounds of Christmas Eve at Church are magnificent to behold. Guaranteed. Or tomorrow. For Christmas Day when the Bells Ring for Him.


Earlier this very day the Family of Church gathered to Worship, sing, laugh and remember. Now tis dark. I sit on the downhill side across the way watching the travellers stream down the hill like little Glow Sticks  carrying The Light, into the darkness. Waiting for one of the worship team to ride home. On Christmas Eve.  Amazing journey this.  Amazing story ours. Perhaps yours, too.

Satisfaction. Contentment. Peace. All over this lovely city and world, joined together as One Body to Come and Adore Him. Did she know 2000 years ago? Amazing journey for this little family. Chosen by God. Just like us. Saying “Yes”.

20 years from now, I hope someone will recall part of the journey; that it will be worthwhile by a life well lived.

This is not the prepared post. The original was about the joy of the Christmas pageant. Songs, sights sounds. The Nativity. The journey of Mary on the donkey, loyal loving  protective Joseph. How in the old days, the tiny statues of Mary and Joseph travelled through our home, a different locale each day of Advent, until Christmas Eve they arrived in The Nativity. The Baby Jesus would “appear” in the manger on Christmas Morning.

Tonight watching amazed, at the journey behind. Tonight watching amazed joyfully at the journey ahead. 20 years from now….who knows?

Corinthians 13

Merry Christmas Family & Friends♥

In 2015 New Traditions every day. Staying put. Right where I’m intended to be.

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