Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

The Sassy Girls Guide to Rediscovering Her Joy and Confidence

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As promised, at least in my mind if nowhere else, here  it is! The true story of confidence and assurance.

When she submitted her subscription for Renewal on Life she was certain nowhere to be found was the clause “fraught with emotion”. She was wrong. What kind of word is that, anyway? fraught

Suddenly, everywhere she turned, everything required greater  reassurance with greater confidence in hearing God’s Voice. Why? Two words~Transparency.

So for this Glorious New Year of New Life with New Promise ~ celebrate!

Lessons from Your Guide for  New Life in the New Year?

  • Read the small print.

  • Trust the voice of assurance (which at times may be your own but), always His.

  • Do the Happy Dance, anyway.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”– Coco Chanel

ok~just one more~always wear a bit o Bling. It makes you feel pretty and has the added, unexpected benefit of keeping everyone else guessing. 🙂

Until next time, Shandra, Your Guide to all things Smart and Sassy.

“It’s the end of the world!” said the caterpillar. “It’s just the beginning,” said the butterfly.

from January 2, 2012. 2013 is looking even brighter!

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