Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.


Nothing in the day is too small to be a part of My scheme… The little stones in a mosaic play a big part… Joy in Me. Joy is the God-given cement that secures the harmony and beauty of My mosaic. from January 16, God Calling


As they shared the story, I knew this was for what I had waited. Beauty. Unexpected. From brokenness,  Created.

Months earlier, the space between my writer’s fingers and storyteller’s mind floated with”thankful for the mosaic”, alright thought I. But truly not.

Not thankful.

The implication is clear if one knows how one gets Mosaic. I’m done thank you . No more. Broken, sharp, exposed pieces be gone. Then waited… knowing that The Lord of Creation is working all the time even when we don’t feel Him….and waited.

Truly, my assumption was window. Stained glass. Traditional, prophetic…and waited.

Early the morning of return in the bright new year it caught my eye. Vibrant colors, shapely, attractive, lovely, inviting. They both beautifully shared  the story ,the artist creator and the recipient . There it was. Not at all what I had expected.

Each piece on its own had been imperfect , frail, broken. Jewelry she could not sell or use.

Until, in her hands, with Purpose , fitting broken pieces together, one after another. Together they became stronger -fused with New purpose, New form, New function. Artistry. Beauty.

Clearly the lesson, for individuals, families or….well…you can figure it out.
Until next time ~Giving thanks for the broken pieces. The Hand of The Master is shaping a Beautiful New Creation… You and Me.


Introducing The Fused Glass Creationist~Maribeth Harris . Her business card -well – just look her up!

Until Next time~ Shandra

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Now, in November 2015 you’ll often find me frolicking with these other folks~including the new FUN linky I just discovered~ Devastate Boredom .

Until Next time, Stay thankful! SWH

4 Replies to “Giving Thanks for the Mosaic”

  1. Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Friday Frivolity recently… I’m embarrassed to just be catching up on my reading now, but glad to have the chance to benefit from these encouraging musings and lovely photos! 🙂


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