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The Anniversary of Year 19~UGANDA!

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Impact UGANDA 2012

District location in Uganda

Unusual name for a birthday post but then it’s been an unusual season. Andrew adds a candle today and makes a wish to impact exponentially as a Kingdom Builder. He would love your support!

Many of you reading have heard about the Westside Church Intern Program where he has been in training this academic year.

May 7-May 21, 2012 Andrew has the opportunity to join a team from Westside Church – Bend Oregon,traveling to Entebbe, Uganda where they will partner with missionaries serving the Islands of Lake Victoria.

So much is planned! Check out websites , Andrew Harris Facebook page for updates. Keep checking back here ’cause this proud mom will certainly keep ya posted!

Andrew would love to have you partner with him through financial contributions.

1.If you are so led please go to this link and designate ANDREW HARRIS.

2. Share this blog, visit and share the  links.

And PRAY. Pray. Pray.

  • Pray for the Teams.
  • For their Families,
  • For God’s Will, Purpose and Majesty to be Exalted.
  • For the Beauty and Love of Jesus to be Glorified.


O, and say Happy Birthday too ~ 🙂

Until Next time~xox


2 Replies to “The Anniversary of Year 19~UGANDA!”

  1. Why Thank you so Much Ms Bo (aka forevermore as Gramma B? ) 🙂 Taking time from Little Grey’s Homecoming Day to respond here, makes it extra special!


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