Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

21 years ago the son Michael, took less than 3 hours to emerge into this world; inquisitive, creative, original. Still is.
Dynamic: a : marked by usually continuous  and productive activity or change . Relating to physical force or ENERGY.
There are many things that I enjoy doing, have the time, desire, energy. There are just as many I do not . In this ‘season’ 🙂 hard labor (shoveling 8 inches of  snow or .3 acres of leaves and pine needles to name a few) is not one or them. So thankful for folks who are able to provide the service I can’t.
See that logo? Proudness here. From the debris comes Life. Gotta love that!

(1 541.598.6282 Mobile. Michael Harris, Owner! (and Birthday Guy) Facebook (above) and Website . Check it out!

Until next time! a Mother’s continued Proudness…


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