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Traveling Light

Spring break.Fun times. Technology. Fun times, too??

Never fear this is not a story about techie ness or lack. It IS a story of obedience. Sitting here late last night after a fine few days. Thought to finish the post planned for today. Thought to add the photos taken over this week . all neatly stored , edited and ready here on this lovely iPad2. The problem is getting them where I’d like them to be. On my home computer or laptop it would be an easy little click or  two and media uploaded would do the rest. I can’t even get them easily to FB. (gasp).

Packing for this trip I had the feeling laptop would be needed. But no, I already had Smart phone, IPad2. I am traveling light this trip. I have everything I need . But it turns out i don’t. Perhaps I do have-everything I need within my reach Im just not yet prepared to appreciate the untapped best features.

In the quiet of this early  morning , Friday traffic splashes along the  rain soaked pavement outside I think of  an amazing God who is in every detail. He knew the needs and wants of this week for myself and the ones I care for. Not abig deal this time. . One of the easier lesson reminders in my  life, to trust The Voice and Obey: to travel light by only packing what He tells Us  is ours to carry and to cherish the simple things , the things worth waiting for.

So, the rest of this vacation weekend will be just that. Cherishing reminders, relaxing, trusting and traveling light. How about you? When Home I return photos and the rest of tHe story I will share.

And just a side note…from the other room the automatic grinder just kicked on, the automatic brewing of the delicious roasted beans from Sister’s Coffee has commenced. Ain.’t technology wonderful?


Until next time, learning to travel light, Shandra

2 Replies to “Traveling Light”

  1. Relax and enjoy, Shandra. You traveled light for a reason! Can’t wait to see your pics,later! Pam Mosher


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