Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

May. 2012. Here. Finally? Or So soon?

The Day of Release.

Ponderings, thoughts , hopes , dreams,Butterflies.

Alive. Awake. Released.


Creative, gifted Den Mothers, Troop Leaders,  Sunday School and Classroom Teachers instilling a sense of adventure and celebration by stirring anticipation of The Day. Laying handmade baskets at doors, on doorknobs, mailboxes. Anonymous givers, waiting, watching, often audibly giggling. Pleased receivers delighted.


Later on sharing that same joy of anticipation and anonymous giving with our own children, neighbors and students. Gluey fingers,  “plotting” stage whispers,along with the occasional unintentionally decapitated foliage made the collaborative efforts (and mess)  become lovely, fond memories. Even the occasional big-ticket event of The May Pole Dance.


We also recognize “MayDay!” as the international cry of distress. Aren’t we glad there’s a signal for our need? Aren’t we glad there’s a Savior, Comforter, Healer who answers when we call? Derived from the French ~venez m’aider, meaning “come help me”. Psalm 120:1  “I call on The Lord in my distress and he answers me”. And how He delights when we call.


The First of May. Celebrations of Spring ~This~Close~To~ Summer. New Life. The Half way Point, Half Birthday of festivities of Fall. Another original Celtic Festival. (gotta love a people who find so many opportunities to celebrate.) 🙂

May this new season , new month , this New Day be everything we  anticipate and so very much more. May it be brought to completion with fond remembrances of why this Season is. He delights in His Beloveds.


With amazingly peace filled anticipation of what May could be-Until next time- Delighting.


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