Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

If all goes according to plan, about the time this posts this Westside ChurchBend Oregon  Intern Mission Team:m

shown: Stephenie, Casey, Amanda, Chase, Jenna, Cari, Jessica, David, Carolyn, Mandrew (missing:Nate ) Photo by Nate and Carolyn

will be flying this:

to use these:

to Go here:


Islands of Lake Victoria

to Love these people:

to serve this Church:

Photos by LIFE CHURCH Kampala, Uganda

To make this happen  there were a few of these:

Andrew and David share their shot spots

some of this:

medications and preventions

with plenty of this:

Planners: Chase Mickel, Amanda Parsons, Chris Earwicker, Jessica Alexander, Jenna Javens, Carolyn and Nate Berry, Stephenie Madsen, Casey Parnell, Cari Dolynuik, Andrew Harris, David Metcalf.

fundraising and planning

and to be sure, LOTS of this:

coffee and prayer

May 2012 Continuing the Season of Release. (and no, I did not cry. but I did Happy Dance 🙂  )

Why do you keep hurting and wounding me? respect my wishes . Please release me please let me go. I can’t take this anymore.

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