Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.
Writing on this lovely ,sunny Friday eve. truly I am blessed in countless ways. And tired. Sooo tired I can barely keep my eyes open but every time I close them my mind races to the next thing or the last.
That kind of *good* tired. Ya know?
The previous post,  One Mother’s Journey, reminds us that we just do it. Then look back, saying “how??!” and “WoW.”
Seven years ago I made a deliberate, necessary Life change. That God initiated it , was on it and  all around it I have no doubt. That God has been here the entire roller coaster ride I am certain. He’s here now, smiling. He Loves it when we “get it”.

Seven. 7. The Biblical number of completion. Yes. 2012. MY Year. My elder son a small business owner and engaged. My younger son finishing a life changing internship.
This morning so exhausted I could hardly move: Of course, “Just Move” was His word. Lacing up my shoes I began up the hill at what felt like  a crawl~ in and out of the now familiar cul de sacs and side streets: just going, eyes blurry, my mind cotton, lungs as filled with fluid. As I came round a gentle corner I wasn”t sure where I was. Disoriented for a moment the street looked like miles of bumpy road ahead when a car went past, hearing it before seeing it’s perpendicular path, surprised at it’s closeness.

“See? Spoke , I AM. Just when you think you cant go any farther. ..Just when the Mirage of “it”s still too far” is greatest… stay the course. Your time is near.”
When the donation truck arrived they were pleased with the number of items . SO much so they had to rearrange their existing load to fit one blue sofa~sleeper, one blue love seat, one desk, one lamp, 2 blue wing- back chairs.

These angels in disguise also blessed this woman with moving her ‘new to her ‘love seat from the garage to the piano room, with the ‘new, persian rug. If she’d been thinking have taken their pictures to show you a pair of mismatched (6 foot+ and 5 +/-) Blessings called Ross and Gordon, with gentle manners, easy conversation and loaner muscles who work as a team. Complementing each other.

Completion. One thing ends so another can begin. Today  completed the next steps foretold in a way that I could easily have missed. But God. Part of the completion in this process is knowing that God wants our best. He does NOT want us to suffer, be ill, be in debt or feel unworthy. We are Called to embrace our Value in Him. Do you know that you know?
There are a variety of reasons remnants  of another life have remained (ORC~one remaining  cat~ with lots of hair and sharp claws who worked it out on the OLD stuff being one 🙂 ) There are some other reasons too. Also, financial and self worth. (see above) That’s all changing.
Completion. Stay tuned – there’s a delivery truck on it”s way with items you won’t want to miss. 🙂
Until Next Time~Shandra sans Blue .

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for some reason I always feel hurried and running out of time!

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