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For Some Reason I Always Feel Hurried and Running Out of Time!

Clearly perfect for this Day , for this Season.

Self Harmony

I have been dealing with this for a few years now. I always feel like I am too late, or in a hurry to do something, even though in reality I have nothing to do!

So i started searching and searching, and i understood what I am going through is literally my mind is on autopilot, and since I have been thinking this way since university, this way of thinking never stopped!

its funny I thought after ending university I would have peace of mind. But in reality my mid didn’t ‘turn off’ its way of hurried thinking.

which brings me to why i started this post. I started it to help my self and others calm this mental chatter, or at least find an alternative way of living…. HAPPY living.

SO Whats the Solution to this Problem?

Its patience, I think most of us have not cultivated our…

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