Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Side by side they stood, eyes forward, perfectly still as the wind whipped round them. Eyes ahead, taking in the scene.

They knew this was an appointment day each having  received separate but similar revelation . Right place, right time – waiting, watching . Expectant.

Anyone watching that day might never know that between the soft-spoken smiling Two, was represented nearly ever “victim of circumstance ” event  you could name.

Standing but feet away also were witnesses who, for the moment were also focused and quiet. A stark contrast these self-proclaimed , self promoted , in your face Social Outcasts.

There but for the Grace of God…

Witnesses . Called for The Evidence of Their Testimony.

Stand for Something or you’ll fall for Anything.

By the testimony of your mouth (words, speech, deeds, thoughts).

The Two Witnesses.  Submitted. Repentant. Giving up all Rebellion, all sin. Healed. Renouncing all rights to bitterness or retaliation. Freely Forgiving those who wrong them.

Grace changes everything…

You ll see them if you look closely. They make no splash yet stand out. They’re everywhere and no where. Their very presence speaks of The Good News. Jesus Saves.

Look in their eyes. You’ll see, Grace changes everything.

Until next time-

Zechariah 4:14 these are the two who are anointed to serve The Lord of all the earth.

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