Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Got crisis? I’m your gal. Managing day-to-day affairs while always planning for the worst; Yep. That’s me. Seeing the Big Picture and the details. Sigh. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Yep.

Walking with women in true crisis situations. Preparing children to learn in classrooms when they spent the previous night locked in a car outside the neon lights of a bar, their “adults” drinking or gambling the night away. Other children whose parents work their hearts out yet can’t quite get by, so the little ones worry away their school day hoping there will be food and family when they go home. “Home” being the car, homeless shelter or neighbors couch for the lucky ones. Preemies hooked to tubes whose future is uncertain , walking with their young parents moment by moment, sometimes for years.

Those are folks in crisis.

A leaky faucet is NOT a crisis. Usually doesn’t even get my radar until it is. So guess what I “finally” noticed this week ? Yep.
That is what The Lord has been patiently reteaching me these earlier seasons. To  immediately heed the warnings deep within my spirit and under my sink: warnings of damaging drips.

Just when one feels one can not take any more, can not wait any longer while  everything is going too fast, all at the same time God says ” She’s got it ” and adds , ” Sit down, buckle up and hold on!”

Years ago God planted the seed for More. But to what He spoke i replied “who me?!” i don’t think so.”
Had i jumped then, absolutely certain i had misheard Him, OR trying to fit The Word into what I knew,  I would have gone with what i knew…”Three Easy STeps to Get Your Degree InCrisis Counseling!” Or “MoRE about Special Ed and The Law”.

Not even interested. but frankly that’s what i knew and more importantly where people knew me. Yes, by good reputation and also where they thought i “belonged”. Fit in and stay in your place. Like the leaky faucet not even noticing the subtle  damage done.

Today , at this writing, literally 7+ times in 7 days the path has been laid straight. There is no doubt now, about the word I heard  or the next steps God has laid out. Including the surprise steps He orchestrated each day this week to let me see in the Witness of Believers aloud what He has coaxed forth as a torrent released . The pressure of confirmations so great all I could do was hold on. Then Peace. The waters parted; the path made clear.

(Just a side note: all those seasons ago I would have done a job market analysis for career availability state by state in the area of interest. Truth. 🙂 and heeded the oh so many voices of smallness crying Out stay in your place~ In this NOW Season, firmly shutting down those drippy voices of smallness.

Today it’s simply saying Yes to The One who is tried and True and trusting Him to supply the Rest.

Stay Tuned! And buckle up, cause Acceleration Happens 🙂


What is God wooing you to do?Not just the day-to-day , although that is good too, what is He “daring”you to do?
Dreams? Hopes? Goals? Care to share? Also, how do you know when it’s God Calling?


” Until then~

4 Replies to “In Crisis We Trust”

  1. Been there, done that as they say. Oh if we could only listen and be obedient the first time around but Praise God we finally come around and do that which He has called us to do. Praying that you have much success in whatever God has pursued you into doing 🙂 Go make Jesus famous!


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