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You Will Not Be Disappointed -a Short Story of God’s Decree

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A sense of freedom, anticipation and clarity hovered in the room as she gently stretched , like a  kitten content still burrowed beneath the coziness of sleep. A sleepy half -smile played across her face as she thought ” just four more days”.

She loved to travel. Meeting new people or being totally invisible and unknown- such simple benefits. A quick trip for refreshing was in store.

Mentally checking off  a few of the yet to-dos which could be quickly accomplished today, her mind went to the next item “coffee” as the covers slipped to the carpeted floor. One last stretch. As her hands brushed the cool polished wood of the  headboard,  polished pink toes reached the other direction she heard His familiar soft whisper…She smiled in anticipation. Then…

“Cancel your plans”.

She froze in mid smile, mid stretch. Melting. Withering into the bed. Stunned. Sorrow and disappointment washed over her like a cold, shocking wave. Thoughts  of coffee and planning floated away with the tide. “Obey” was all her shocked mind could come up with. “Trust” was the add-on. The go to , the staple Word of The Word. Trust and Obey.

Numb fingers typed the cancellations .Now foggy brain navigated to the kitchen. Feeling as if she were somehow being punished…still. His presence enveloped her.  His Voice whispered “You will not be disappointed”.

Knowing He has never failed nor forsaken . Knowing He has the best of the best in mind she tried to smile…not a pretty sight. Disappointment has a way of dampening things. She passed herself the tissues.

Her day, her week ,His Presence. At every turn her remaining long -term unspoken questions were answered. Enlightenment.  She could do no more. But He could.

God was In The House.

“When you call on Me, when you come to pray to me, Ill listen. When you come looking for Me you’ll find Me. Yes, when you get serious about finding Me and want it more than anything else, Imake sure you wont be disappointed”  Jeremiah 29: 12-14.

This is God’s decree.

This morning the sunlight streams in, the songbirds serenade as she stretches, smiling her sleepy half smile, She found where the starting place comes full circle to the Now place. The answers to her many ‘why’ questions . Understanding. His greatest Gift. Her perfect reward.

Shandra Lee 2012

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