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Of Sprinklers, Sparrows and Seasons

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Six years prior…she sat on the front step watching the insect world living  with great purpose. They have places to go foraging to do and probably the occasional battle to fight.

This morning her battle was yard care. Specifically known as “sprinkler system”.

No matter what she did in this season nothing seemed to work. Everything was an overwhelming, insurmountable (read Exhausting) task. It was all she could do to get herself and children out the door most mornings. Those Blessed mornings where they just couldn’t do it were so peaceful and safe. Days where they stayed together, reading, playing quietly and crying. Lots of crying.

Sprinklers on this early Spring morning were the present Giant. Nothing, but nothing would make them work. The water that wouldn”t flow from them, was all too free-flowing from her. The tears spilled down her cheeks; ran off her nose pummeling the unsuspecting Arachnida below.


“Why do you cry, Daughter?”

At that moment, sputtering and spewing the water flew  full force from the three heads, now standing at attention as if courageous, little soldiers on the battle field. She looked up to see who had come to her aid.

“Do I not care for you in every detail? If I care even for sprinklers, how much more will I care for You?”

At that moment, she knew it would somehow , someday all be ok.

Luke 12:7 Fear not. Indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid ; you are worth more than many sparrows.

1 Peter 3:15 NIV

To be continued…


In 2015~~~~I read this & recognize a timid, uncertain little writer PrayerWarrior. Around me every moment since a child I experienced The Miraculous, always wondering why no one else saw or acknowledged #TheMiracleZone? The only thing lacking then, and now, are those like minded who see, acknowledge, expect  & live In God’s #MiracleZone.

***Those closest to me, then and now, know this is indeed a #TrueStory. Believe it or don’t, as you wish.***

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