Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Driving through the sudden downpour, wipers chitter chattering to each other she was thinking about the season. There’s a Scripture about that she thought. Something about In and out of season…”

So many unanswered questions laid to rest. She Praised Him.

“So hard Lord. And from all sides~why? ” she asked

“Preparation” was His reply. Remember?

She thought about the class five and a half years earlier. It had been harder than she had expected. She knew it would be stretching : challenge brought growth – her typical response to a healthy challenge was “oh, yeah ? watch me!”! Mysteries she had never known, were being revealed.

Many of the Foundations she had never learned or had learned incorrectly from the original intent of Father God. Some were things she had somehow known for ever. At times so much emotional baggage was opened up  she wanted to run , rather than face it. But face it she did.

One lovely warm day during that particular growing season she walked into her garage removing her gardening gloves, humming. She felt a new level of Freedom and Strength.

The Voice from the Heavens was so overpowering , loving , caring , sad, angry, warning all at the same time. As He spoke she fell to her knees with trembling and quaking. “Please no. ” She whispered. “I can’t do this. I can’ t. Please don’t ask me. We’ve been through too much”.

When her tears had cried themselves out she rose from the cold concrete floor, spent. Dazed, she walked through the empty house where she picked up the phone to dial her new friend  and classmate. Listening calmly the voice at the other end simply said “oh dear”.

As she drove up the driveway, she pulled her thoughts back to Now.  The rain had stopped, the sun shone brightly and the air was warm once again.  Walking through the garage she stopped at the very spot where 5 years before she had been chosen , for such a time as this.

Kneeling at that spot the events of years passing before her like a movie. What if she had said no. Or what if she had broken under the pressure. Five years later the crack in the concrete is bigger, the oil spots have darkened while she  has grown, mightily.

She would never forget.

As if it were yesterday she can hear His voice “Daughter, the enemy of your soul has asked to sift you as wheat.

(Job 1:9–12)

to be continued~~~

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