Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

The Bar Raisers and Hoop Jumpers-a conundrum

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The ones that can never quite be satisfied with where they are, so never allow another that Peace. Or those that wish to drag you down to their level. Or with misguided ideas that this is the way to ‘excellence’. Folks who continue to raise the requirements the closer you get to achieving them…mid stream (or is that mid jump) rule changers. The bar raisers.

Similarly or opposite, he wasnt quite sure, are the Hoop Jumpers, those that continue to do the jumping over the bar or through the hoops. Over and over and over, hoping this time to be accepted, to be noticed, to be rewarded. Like trained dizzy little dogs at Circus Circus.

At some point , along the way with only the ‘you need to do better’ voices, without the encouragement human hearts require, let down after let down, he gave up. “See”, they said. We knew he could never do it.

“See ” he said, tired of feeling  manipulated. Tired of being less than.With great sadness he turned, brushed the dust from his shoes and walked into the distance.


Please find the good in the next person you meet.

Please tell them.


Tell them they are talented. Tell them they are loved. Tell them they belong.

Just as they are


Until next time


2 Replies to “The Bar Raisers and Hoop Jumpers-a conundrum”

  1. Shandra, here’s to communicating with you sweetie…love to read the words from your heart, and am joyful for your presence in my life! Have a wonderful day! Pam


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