Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

People Have Been Saying…

Part 1-

Long ago and far away, remembering the looks as she entered the small foyer,  at one time brought  stinging tears to her usually bright, soft, sometimes flashing, green eyes. But not so much anymore.

It was that moment, the Two of Them, with open distaste upon masculine faces,  she understood what people had been saying.

She tensed as the young lady she had prayed with and was now touring, withered next to her, never to return.

Mentally lacing up her jonah shoes His Voice whispered, “where would you go?”

Visions of welcoming spaces where discernment , Discernment and relationship overcome danced across her screen. Visions of real people with welcoming arms for the wounded.  A hospital for the hurting . A place known bt what they care for rather than…”Wait”, He Whispered.

As they walked to the car , the young woman asked her ” nice building, but why do you stay ?”

Driving away they listened as this song played:

Jesus Friend of Sinners


Part 2- He Caught Me

As the weeks, turned to months, she continued. Head up, amidst the continual looks, whispers, awkward silences and avoidance by people she had worked with, played with,  laughed with and known for a decade.

In a brief moment, with exchange of glances, she understood what people had been saying. “Stand ” said IAM. When she felt she could go on no more, when faintness of heart threatened, He Caught her. When her running shoes beckoned, “Stand” He Whispered. When her eyes flashed and tongue was tempted, “Peace” He Gave.

Privately…the words echoed…why do you stay?

She had heard of a family with small children who had lost much of their possessions in a fire. Arrangements were made for donations . When the family arrived to retrieve her simple items, they noticed some of her unspoken needs and offered to take care of it. A God Appointment.

Fighting tears she accepted. As they loaded her donation, they thanked her profusely. “No, thank you! taking these things away is the blessing. You have no idea” she said.

When The Two Men returned at the appointed time it was obvious they had done their “investigative research”. Kindly, quietly, almost tenderly did they set to work,doing what they had said and so much more than was ‘required’. As they worked, the elder chatting, as if old friends , about Jesus, The Church, and sharing stories about their church.

The remembrance of such kindness, gentleness and care from the Two of Them overwhelms still. Total strangers stepping in with Mercy and Grace.

Many in similar circumstances easily  lose faith because of Religion , yet she was enveloped by relationship from total strangers and old friends that came alongside with unexpected hugs, encouraging words-even before she knew what people were saying.

to be continued~


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