Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Why Do You Stay?

The question still echoed in her mind “Why Do You Stay?”

Occasionally, some even ask aloud, over coffee, during a walk, after a talk. “You could go anywhere. You have no ties, you’re free. Why do you stay?

“With all the invitations elsewhere.  With the great favor, for whatever reason, with  the many opportunities, with the uniqueness God has given~ You stay.”

She thought long and hard about this. Prayed even longer. If ‘they’ are wondering there must be others as well



In God’s Timing.


End on a positive. Never on a negative. Reconciliation

We’ve raised The Cross of Reconciliation.

Forgiven . Forgiveness .


God’s plan is  never to leave circumstances in a negative.

Real people with welcoming arms for the wounded.  A hospital for the hurting . A place known by what they care for rather than…

”Wait”, she whispered.

He Smiled.

Until next time~hanging up the Jonah shoes ~at Home

Moving on,

In His Truth and In His Light.

All to His Glory.


One Reply to “Why Do You Stay?”

  1. The phrase “Jonah Shoes” is attributed to my friend and published author~Gloria Hoffman, Bend, Oregon. :)a phrase to describe the first response (run away..anyone?) when faced with difficult circumstances.


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