Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

The year was 1912.

Lila Scarborough White was born. Today we celebrate her long life and heritage

This little lady , my grandmother, capital L, Loves a good party and as 100 year olds go, sharp as a tack. The hearing, the vision nor the body have held out as well as her mind. She IS 100 remember? So she scoots around in her wc, asks for many comments to be repeated and confuses some of us kinfolk, till we get real close…anticipating a glorious turn out from a community in which the White family has  influenced for 80 years.

This gathering was hosted by her remaining children, my dad and his sister.

The Star: with son, daughter, daughters in law, son in law. Background sitting: Twyman (brother in law to Lila) and Sue of the White Clan Standing: (in blue) Don Neely Jr, Louisiana, Mark Usry, Philadelphia (Grandsons of Lila).

Lots of kin, friends, family, nursing home staff and residents filled this room.

Above: Scarborough Gals Nieces and Sisters. Lila is 1 of 10 siblings.

Above: Some of the Neely Clan, Including Great Great Grandson Rivers (the 18month old cutie)

Some of The Usry Clan

Cuties with Cake: the Great Great Grands of the Usry Clan

Above: Life Long Mineola friends: Whites and Phillips

And sometimes you just need a Surprise package from Oregon (the Author Granddaughter  greets The Star)

(Dont we wish everyone would view our presence with such joy?)

Until next time~Shandra


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