Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

As our caravan pulled up to the curb we saw him .

At a distance we watched as he crossed against traffic in the beating sun walking again to the doors of the closed -for-the-weekend city buildings each time trying the still locked doors, each time moving on, out of sight crossing the street to the other buildings.

We carried on our assignment in this Southern Oregon town, Declaring, celebrating , releasing Gods goodness.

When he comes close give him what you have” whispered I AM.

There was no doubt in my mind who “he” referred to since from our high up vantage point we could see him beginning the cycle again.

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He seemed more confused each time he made the circuit , this time stepping  into traffic. Looking up at the light and cross walk signal , he stepped back onto the curb allowing the light Saturday traffic to pass.

For a moment it seemed the opportunity failed, as he paused to cross mid block in a different direction.

When he comes close, give him what you have.”
Turning back toward the stairs he began his circuit, still apparently not noticing our group of 9. Slipping down the steps to meet him with a small bag of  provisions our team had put together , his head came up slightly when he realized someone was on his path.

Staying still, my hand slowly came up in greeting . He moved forward assuring me verbally he was fine and didn’t need the granola bar or orange peeking through the plastic bag.

His once sparkling eyes this day were glazed, hazy. His full head of thick white hair a contrast against his leathery weathered face and dirty button up shirt.

Revealing the bottle of water got a momentary glimmer but was gone in the same moment. His full white mustache and beard , with remnants of yesterday, barely moved as his parched weathered lips spoke his distant, programmed words “im fine , im good.”

In one leathered hand he held a pair of new snowy white socks. On his aging , shuffling feet were tattered , worn shoes .

Give him what you have”.

“What’s your name?”
Coming to a full stop, his head  came up and his voice momentarily cleared. Face to face he stopped just briefly.


“My name is Craig”
A fleeting smile…”What’s yours?”


He repeated it , adding, “That’s pretty.”

We shook hands.

Give him what you have”.

Holding out the bag once more “Absolutely no strings”.

His once strong hands silently received it. He moved on renewing his cycle , shuffling up the stairs in the pounding heat, where he once again tried the locked doors  of first one building then another.

Then Craig -who could be you, your uncle, your father , your grandfather, your brother , a husband- was gone.

Is there more? Much . But that’s another story.

Until then,

Giving  what I have~Shandra

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16 Replies to “His Name is Craig”

  1. Give him what you have…that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it Shandra! Beautiful post girl! Can’t wait to read the rest of the story. God Bless! Pam Mosher


  2. There’s something exhilarating and wonderful about listening for and hearing His whispers, isn’t there Shandra! 🙂


  3. Last year, the Lord told me that soon I would be leaving my comfortable church that I had attended for the past 5 years. “Just tell me when?” I asked him. I had been sharing testimony at my church during the “joy” session, and I thought I was being a blessing. when the pastor asked me not to share any more, just write it out and leave it in the fellowship hall. God said it is “Time.” I was NOT hurt or angry, I knew it was God. I began to visit local churches. The church I thought would become my new home just was not right, What to do? A friend on FB told me about a church that sounded interesting. I knew where it was, but NEVER had thought about visiting. The church is not under a bridge, but it is close. A mixed group, many new but excited Christians, in need of the Holy Spirits touch. After the Sunday morning service, a meal is served, and people line up some who slipped in the back door and were not in church. That doesn’t matter, like your story, “No strings attached.” But never doubt that hearts are being touched by GOD, as your group passes out the prepared bags of sustenance. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.”

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    1. Bless you Hazel. Leaving the comfort zone can be difficult. With God’s Word and our obedient Heart(s) He makes it possible. Thank you for your faithful service, obedience.


  4. “Give him what you have.” I have sensed those words more than a few times. Sometimes, I am open and obedient. Sometimes, not, and regret my unwillingness to obey my Lord. I lose an opportunity to allow Him into the life of another by my being Christlike.
    I did have that opportunity just his past week. I was going into a little sandwich shop to get a few cookies on my way home from town…about 2:00. A man was talking to another woman near the entrance and my first thought was, “Uh oh!” But he asked me for some money to get something to eat. I said, “We are right here by this sandwich shop. Would you like to go in and I will buy you lunch?” He agreed readily. He ordered a sandwich special with chips, a drink and a cookie. I got my cookies and paid for it all. I was thankful I had the money since I had been to town and had bought a few things. He had been friendly all along. I had found out that he had immigrated from Cuba in 1980 and had worked. He was out of work right now and had slept under the bridge. But he was nice and actually filled with laughter. He was clear and kind to me. And then…THEN.. he hugged me the most wonderful hug. He thanked me and left.
    I felt so blessed. And I sensed he did too.
    Visiting from Sandra’s.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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  5. What a lovely story… And so true. How many times have we all heard those still, small words in our heart. What a blessing you followed them!

    Found you at I Choose Joy! Link Up


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