Shandra Lee. With Heart Wide Open. A Miracle In The Making.

Never Wonder About God’s Timing or What’s 3 Minutes More Or Less.

This began as any other day, well not quite, i awoke with a headache (unusual) fell back  to sleep ( not so unusual 🙂 ) which made my (! Clue Number 1) plans catawompous.

No worries,  making up for the delay with efficient multi tasking to the M-A-X arriving to a 1030 appt with seconds to spare, then waited, and w-a-i-t-e-d and w–a–i–t–e–d (unusual for this particular appointment maker). In came the next client who had left work on her break  driven across town and was now contemplating the lost wages if she were to do the same later in the day due to this  delay.

Before i tell you the next Do Not think” how sweet.”  Giving her my appt. time was a selfishly graceful way of getting out of w-a-i-t-i-n-g so i could get on the road. Remember? i  have a schedule! (Clue Number 2)

Another Quick  appt, took 3 minutes longer than i had planned. Yes 3. fueling up at a station where it took VERY long (the van”s issue, Not the attendant’s) and not one I would normally chose.

Finally, on the road, much later in the day than MY plan, singing with the radio and a happy little mini road tripper.

Alone on the the road just north of town , rolling with the radio, a pickup truck merged into the lane behind me….and sped up . Tailgating. Really? With the entire road to ourselves?

Noticing  this truck of men coming alongside I simply did what any lone woman would do, turned the radio up louder, made my cell phone handy …and sped up.  Persistent. They mirrored my own actions. Then i noticed the serious looks on their faces and the gestures (not that kind).

They came alongside as i slowed, lowered the window only then smelling gasoline. The one yelled something about a leak, fuel spewing under the van and as i pulled over, they were gone.


At the other end of the handy cell phone the AAA dispatcher interrupted with ” you need to get away from the van …”

Hmmmm, thought I. (Clue Number? Where are we, I’ve lost count) Clearly,  unusual since ALWAYS they begin with “Stay with and IN your vehicle”

…in case of fire” she finished.

FIRE?” I asked ?  “and, Mam, if there is a fuel leak the fire dept. will be notified ”

Fire Department?! “Yes Mam. The tank will be drained before towing and fire-retardant may be sprayed around depending on the leak size.”

Oy. Visions of flashy, attention attracting lights with workers in HazMat suits , space helmets and oxygen units danced through my sugar-plum head. In the distance I thought I  heard “ET phone Home.”

Oy.  “News at 11:00″ thought I ~the Stay Out of Sight Do not Draw Attention to oneself Woman.

God s timing . 3 minutes can make my plans and your,  but never His.

to be continued…

Until then, Shandra

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